Art, Cognitive Science and Innovation – The Power of Shifting Context

Source: Wikipedia “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.” This is not a pipe. But wait, it certainly looks like a pipe. What is going on here? I can clearly remember seeing this picture for the first time as a kid, and not understanding the point. What else could it be other than a pipe? However, if […]

The Paradox of Charismatic Leadership

“Among the most effective leaders I have encountered and worked with in half a century, some locked themselves into their office and others were ultra-gregarious. Some were quick and impulsive, while others studied the situation and took forever to come to a decision… The one and only personality trait the effective ones I have encountered did have in common was something they did not have: they had little or no ‘charisma’ and little use either for the term or what it signifies.” —Peter Drucker

Serial Innovators and Betting on the Future

Betting on serial innovators is a widespread phenomenon. Who would you trust more with your money? Someone with a proven track record or someone with little proof of past success? Many entrepreneurs and innovators who get it right the first time succeed the second time as well. However, correlation between past success and likelihood of continued success in the future isn’t always as straightforward as it might sound.