Handmade Fashion Design

Handmade fashion venture



Handmade fashion venture

In Summary

The Problem and the Audience

  • According to research, the fashion industry accounts for about 8-10% of global carbon emissions.
  • Fashion is a form of self-expression. More and more people find it difficult to express their unique personalities trough mass-produced fashion products.

The Proposed Solution

  • We make 100% hand woven products from sustainable materials, personalized to the unique needs of our customers.
  • We make a very limited number of products, making sure every single piece of art is unique.

Product Vision

To enable people to express their unique personalities through personalized fashion products, in an environmentally friendly way, while supporting their local communities.


  • Developing collections that gives a starting point for people to develop their unique style.
  • Online design tool for customers. So they can have a design prototype before ordering their products.
  • Expanding the number of collections.
  • Shortening delivery time.


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